A veneer is a porcelain “facing” bonded to the prepared or unprepared tooth. Normally used in the anterior region of the mouth, it can be used to improve the look of the tooth or cover enamel erosion.

Product details



Improve the look of a single tooth
A veneer is bonded to the prepared or unprepared tooth


Veneers produce a highly aesthetic result and are a great option for closing spaces and improving the general appearance of your smile. As veneers are very thin, they can be bonded to unprepared teeth in certain instances. Depending upon how much change in shape/size that you would like, this will determine the amount of preparation required to the teeth. A veneer bonded to the tooth in favourable conditions can last a long time.

Veneer insert step by step

  • Step 01: Free consult at our lab
  • Step 02: Clinical consult at the Dentist surgery/take impressions
  • Syep 03: Models are poured and waxup created for a mockup and/or provisionals
  • Step 04: Preparation of teeth at Dentist (if required) and impressions taken for manufacture of veneers at Lab
  • Step 05: Colour match appointment at Lab
  • Step 06: Veneers are produced at Lab
  • Step 07: Insert of veneers at Dentist
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