Finding the right Dentist for your treatment, someone with the ability to perform the work you need and you can trust, can be a confusing process. Dentistry is medical and should be treated as such by both patient and Dentist. If incorrect or poor treatment is carried out, it often will not be apparent for several years, and if a patient neglects their dental health, as with other medical conditions, treatment can be far more extensive and costly than if preventative action had been taken in the first instance.

There are several factors in finding a Dentist and here are some things to look out for:

  1. Skill level of Dentist and training undertaken – what types of Dentistry is the Dentist practicing? Does he/she have plenty of pictures of before and after cases that they have actually restored if they are a cosmetic dentist? Does the Dentist have a particular area or speciality of interest, such as endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, holistic dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, sleep apnea or implant surgery? How experienced are they in these areas?
  2. Don’t choose a Dentist solely on marketing. How good a marketer they are may not reflect how good a practitioner they are.
  3. Don’t choose a Dentist only on price. Courses and training are very expensive and those who have developed a skill in certain areas will have fees that reflect the development they have undertaken. If a price seems very low, be cautious.


Who can you trust for advice on seeking the best possible Dental care for your needs?

Werner Sauer is an experienced Dental Technician with over 45 years in the industry. He trained in Germany and moved to Australia in 1982, where he set up his Dental Laboratory, Werner Sauer Oral Design. Werner has integrity and passion for his industry and is concerned with the changes that are occurring to the detriment of the patient. For Werner, it has always been about providing the best possible outcome for the patient and his desire is to match suitably experienced practitioners with patients to provide an outstanding result.


Thinking of heading to Asia (or similar country) for lower cost Dentistry? There are a few things you might take into consideration before packing your bags.

  • For complicated procedures, a treatment plan in Australia may be carried out over a period of several months. If you are only in the country for a few days, this treatment plan is compacted and rushed, not leaving enough time between each stage of treatment for adequate assessment.
  • Standards of care are usually not as high as we take for granted in Australia. The serious issue of infection control and sterilisation protocols may not be as stringent as you would expect
  • Communicating with practitioners and assistants might be a challenge when in a foreign country. Everyone has heard a story of medical procedures being performed on the incorrect part of the body, and although this may seem (inappropriately) amusing, if you are on the receiving end of a smile that doesn’t match your expectations, it seems a little less funny
  • If something were to go wrong, where will you address your complaint to have the work rectified? Do you fully understand what is or, is not, available to you through the governing or regulatory body in that country?
  • Any complications that require follow up treatment or rectifications in Australia will be costly, and difficult. It may never be possible to restore dentition to the level that would have been achieved in the first instance.
  • Obtaining travel insurance for your trip may be difficult or costly, if the insurer even provides it at all. What if you have a medial emergency arising from the procedure and need to be flown back to Australia?



Dental treatments are a medical procedure, even if it is only for cosmetic reasons. Would you choose a heart surgeon based purely on price?

Perhaps there are a high percentage of patients who are extremely happy with their results from dental treatment in cheaper Asian countries, and we can only hope that the results are just as good clinically, so that 4+ years on, nothing adverse appears. However, our experience with these patients has not been in happy circumstances. We have seen less than ideal results, both clinically and aesthetically. The veneers that started falling off in the plane on the way home, the implants that were placed in the wrong arch, the incorrect margins that allowed decay to form under the crowns, the patients that are very unhappy with the aesthetics, unsuccessful efforts to obtain implant records regarding the obscure type of implant used, and the list goes on.

If you are going to travel down this avenue, please do your research. Your friend, although well meaning, being happy with the aesthetics of their veneers, is not the best recommendation on whether the clinical aspect of the procedure was carried out competently. What appears “low cost” at first glance may not end up that way long term.

For all Dentistry procedures, in Australia and overseas, look for a practitioner with expertise in that particular area of Dentistry, check how experienced the practitioner is by asking to see cases they have restored, understand the procedure and what contingencies are in place to manage any complications or adverse results.

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