All on 4 Plus ™

An alternative for the patient that is currently wearing dentures, or has failing health of their teeth and is finding it too expensive, time consuming or painful to have each tooth treated individually with conventional crown and bridge restorations. All on 4 Plus ™ is a real, hygienic, and immediate solution for those who have already lost, or are about to lose their teeth. View a All on 4 Plus™ case here or visit the AllOn4 Clinic website.


Dr. Anne-Maree Cole & Dr. Alex Fibishenko on AllOn4 procedures

Examples of AllOn4 Cases

Some of our All on Four cases


Product details

All on 4 Plus ™


Acrylic, zirconia
To replace failing or non existent dentition
Surgery for implant placement and then the fitting of a full arch implant bridge permanently in the mouth


All on 4 Plus ™ describes the process of replacing an entire arch of teeth with implants (usually 4 or more) and loading the implants immediately with a restoration that looks and feels like natural teeth, giving an immediate smile.  Implant supported restorations function like natural teeth, so there is no avoidance of foods that may be considered “too difficult” to eat with removable dentures. The implant supported restoration is permanently fixed to your jaw and does not cover the palate.  New surgical techniques that are being adopted allow the immediate loading of your implants with an acrylic restoration. Most patients will have their  custom made restoration fitted within 24 – 48 hours from the implant surgery. After several months, an upgrade to a zirconia restoration is recommended as they are stronger and more hygienic with the feel and function very close to natural teeth.

The All on 4 Plus ™ difference – Normally for patients that have been wearing dentures for some time or have compromised dentitions is that there is significant bone loss.  Bone loss can make it difficult to have implants or a restoration that is strong and hygienic attached permanently into your mouth. The All on 4 Plus ™ surgery involves an alveolectomy, which basically flattens the high pointed ridge of the bone in the jaw, so that it becomes more predictable for the implants to succeed and for the restoration to sit flat, giving the ability to clean beneath the fixture.

All on 4 Plus ™ step by step

  • Step 01: Assessment by Dental Practice qualified in All on 4 Plus™
  • Step 02: Surgery for removal of teeth (if required), implant placement, alveolectomy, and possible bone graft
  • Syep 03: Fitting of acrylic restoration
  • Step 04: Follow up visit
  • Step 05: Possible zirconia restoration upgrade
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