1Consultation Area


During consultations with our patients we will discuss shape, colour and material choice for the new smile.


For our cosmetic makeovers we will take studio photographs, videos and in some cases, 3D images to design a personal smile just for you.


We are committed to providing the best possible outcomes for our patients and work closely with many suitably qualified dentists.  As a team, we will achieve the look that you desire.




Every case is hand finished by our skilled technicians to maximise aesthetics and individuality, creating a truly unique restoration.


Focusing on precision and function, each restoration is designed for patient comfort and safety.


Digital workflow has advantages for Dentist and patient.  Accuracy, speed and communication are improved.  We utilise the latest CAD CAM infrastructure to provide strong, precise and reliable restorations for each case.

3Are You Interested?

Please call us to make an appointment for a relaxed chat about your new smile. We offer a free, no obligation consultation to assess your aesthetic goals. Due to our experience in a wide range of restorations, we are able to evaluate your situation and offer advice on what results are achievable.

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