Implants are a great solution for patients with missing or failing teeth who do not want to wear a denture, or have the adjacent natural teeth prepped to accommodate a bridge in the space.

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Implant titanium/crown is same options as crown
Replace missing teeth
A crown bonded to a titanium implant in the jaw bone


An implant replaces a missing tooth through the placement of a titanium implant into the jaw bone.  The crown is then attached to the implant via an abutment or screw.  An implant bridge can have several teeth attached to 2 or more implants.

There is also a possibility to replace removable dentures with implant retained dentures, called “All on  4 Plus™”.  With new surgical techniques available, this is an immediate solution for patients with dentures, who are embarrassed and frustrated with ill fitting dentures and having to take them out every night.  All on  4 Plus™ are permanently fixed to the jaw and offer a real, hygienic solution to the indenture less patient.  Please see All on  4 Plus™ for further information.

An implant restoration will look and function as well as a natural tooth in good health.  Implants are permanent, as long as there are no underlying medical complications or conditions that may cause them to fail.

Implant insert step by step

  • Step 01: Consult at Dental Practice where Dentist will advise on possibility of receiving an implant
  • Step 02: Surgery consult’s
  • Syep 03: Surgery for implant placement
  • Step 04: Healing time for implant (around 3 months usually)
  • Step 05: Impressions taken for manufacture of crown
  • Step 06: Colour matching appointment at Lab (if required)
  • Step 07: Crown produced at Lab
  • Step 08: Insert of crown at Dental Surgery
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